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Creation of projects for the Web has extensive experience in creating projects for publishing content and services on the Web. Since 1994 we have been learning and creating projects for various companies and individuals and now you can take advantage of all this knowledge.

The technologies we use in page creation and programming are 100x100 Free Software and we use the free software and tools like: Apache , Php , MySQL , Drupal , Quanta and Vim (among others)

If it is not too clear what your Web site should look like, we can help you in all aspects of it; from the choice of a good server (ISP, to the last legal detail), through the correct structuring of the information and the realization of the design and the photography.

You can see some of the work done from this link .

Consultancy, Development and customization of Drupal CMS

For interactive and flexible websites, linuxbcn recommends using Drupal , a content management system (CMS) and excellent working environment.

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